What we're about

This is a FREE weekly meditation and mindfulness class.
This is for all those interested
- developing a meditation and mindfulness practice, either beginners or advanced practitioners,
- becoming more balanced and dealing easier with the world,
- becoming happier and more successful in life and career.


Class is Thursday evenings at the SF Awakened Mind Meditation Center at 1722 Irving St in San Francisco, and will last about one hour.
Class starts with a short meditation, then continues with a discussion about mindfulness topics, and closing with a second meditation. There is an opportunity to ask any questions at the end of class.


Anatta has been on the spiritual path for over 10 years, studying with an Enlightened Buddhist Teacher. Her life has been transformed during these years, and lives a much more free, complete and joyful life. She's sharing her personal experience how you can improve yourself by using the techniques she learnt from her teacher.
For more information, see http://www.sfawakenedmind.org

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