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Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation

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25 people went

Price: A$15.00 /per person
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The Way of the Bowl requires Acceptance, Openness and complete Surrender to the Sound - becoming ONE with the sound.

Tibetan singing bowls:

Produce vibrations which resonate with certain brainwaves

Create vibrational sound harmonics at the frequency of AUM or OM

Produce a sound that impacts the sympathetic nervous system as brain waves synchronise to the vibrations of the bowls

Can help relax and heal your body and mind

Can alter ones consciousness

Stimulate the energy fields

Balance the aura and the chakras and bring the subtle bodies into alignment

Create a balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain

Can shatter accumulating negative energy within the chakras and the aura

Resonate with every cell in the body to release blockages and restore balance

Restore the circular flow of energy within the aura

Open and balance the meridians of the body

Improve the synapse response in the brain

Can stimulate the immune system

Are made of crystalline matter that connects with the crystalline substances in the human body like the blood, the bones and even the DNA

Make the meditation process easier and more relaxed

Help produce a deep sense of tranquillity and a good sleep