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This Meet-up is created for everyone who wants to experience the power of Sound, Vibration, and Energy Healing.

We are thought to believe and think about ourselves in chemical and mechanical terms. So, if something goes wrong, it’s a drug or surgery solution option.

Now, we know that we are also electric, magnetic, vibrational, and energetic beings at our most fundamental level.

By bringing a pure tone of the Tibetian bowl sound and vibration, we are tuning the out of tone frequency of our body to its original harmonious tone.

When you bring an acoustic frequency generator to the areas of dissonance, the body recognizes its own distortion and actually spontaneously autotune itself.

We are designed to be in harmony we just need right inputs to get us there. The coherent sound of Tibetan bowls is one of the inputs.

Every system in our body has a specific rhythm, which means, we are making music or noise, depending on how our system tuned in.

The sound frequencies created by Tibetan Singing Bowls align the chakras and optimize the flow of energy in the parts of the body where this is required.

The unseen force of the vibrating bowls, combined with intention, prayer, and the state of no resistance, produces the salutary effect.

As much as 70 percent of our body is water, so when we strike the singing bowl next to the body, the vibration makes a mandala (pattern) in the body, which is healing and relaxing.

I would like to invite everyone who is interested in this modality for one-hour/$60 private session.

Please contact me directly at 954-298-4086.

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