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"What You Do Today Does Matter" at CSL Metro
A friend sent me a note recently extolling the sport of softball and how much he had loved playing it in his youth. He said he didn’t realize at the time that it is the perfect model for life: As the batter scanning the field from home plate, he looked at all the possibilities – for the best places to hit the ball. He positioned himself to hit the ball toward the best possibility. He watched the pitcher and kept his eyes on the ball. Imagining, then surrendering to the other-than-conscious processes within, he saw and felt the pure perfect flow of actions: He aligned himself with the ball racing toward him, felt the activity within all his muscles and nerves coordinate his swing - a loud CRACK! and the ball hurtled toward its target. A perfect orchestration of mind, body and spirit – the perfect model for how to build your tomorrows today. Affirmation: I am the conscious cause of my tomorrows. Every Sunday we meet to nurture, inspire, uplift and empower one another as we venture through life sensing deeply that there is more to life than meets the eye. Spirit is expressing as each of us uniquely, divinely! Come be you with us! Share your beauty, your gifts and talents. Be acknowledged for being you! Meditation and Life Visioning from 9:15 to 9:45 AM Join us for either ... or preferably both! Learn more about us and coming events at

Arlington Arts Center

3550 Wilson Boulevard · Arlington, Vi

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Whether you are an experienced meditator or simply curious about meditation, you will find meditation accompanied by the healing vibration of Himalayan Singing Bowls amazing ... it is relaxing and revitalizing, serene and energizing ... we each draw from the experience what is uniquely ours to receive.

In the stillness, immersed in the vibration, there is peace.

An immeasurable benefit of coming together to meditate is the opportunity to meet others seeking to raise the consciousness of peace and well-being on our planet.

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