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Tim Canova is running as a no party affiliation (NPA) independent candidate in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District. Our campaign is all about restoring the American Dream and #ProgressForAll. Our agenda includes a federal jobs guarantee, a universal basic income, expanding Social Security, Medicare for All, renewing our infrastructure and public education through a green and solar New Deal of public works, a voluntary national service program, public banking, support for small businesses, and tuition free higher education. Such a full-employment economy will help us protect our water and wildlife, support the growing organic and plant-based economy, address climate change, end the drug war and mass incarceration, and convert from a permanent wartime to more peaceful economy. We stand for Election Justice and Integrity, campaign finance reform, and elections with paper ballots that are transparent and verifiable.

Please join our grassroots people’s campaign! Help advocate for a candidate who will work for the interests of real people, not giant predatory corporations.

For more informations, please visit: https://timcanova.com

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