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Time Well Spent is a growing movement that demands action be taken over the tightening stranglehold that global technology firms and advertisers are placing on us, the Generation Z, Y, X and Baby Boomers, who’s attention has become the most valuable asset in the digital world. An asset that is being hijacked in the quest for ever greater profits, via a bewildering array of psychological ploys that tap directly into our most basic human desires; the desire for immediate gratification; the desire for human connection; the desire to be liked; and the desire to prove our self-worth.

Like any movement, a manifesto serves to focus its efforts. As such, the 7 elements of the Time Well Spent movement are:

1. We dare to swim against the tide of technology that tries to keep us glued to our screens.

2. We use our knowledge, wisdom, passion and creativity to drive forward the changes we wish to see in the world.

3. We demand technology that improves our wellbeing, not the profits of advertisers & tech companies.

4. We build awareness among the general public about the ways in which the leading technology businesses and online advertisers are manipulating us to capture more of our attention.

5. We identify new and exciting ways in which technology can be used to enrich our lives in the “real” physical world, encouraging us to spend more time there and less in our virtual worlds.

6. We supercharge the debate over the wisdom of sharing more of our personal data in exchange for convenience & immediate gratification.

7. We request that the leaders within organisations of all shapes and sizes, implement policies that encourage their employees to use their personal and work technology in a way that is supportive of their longer-term wellbeing.

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