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Timisoara Automotive Technology Inaugural Meetup

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Timisoara tech people, active in IT, Automotive, manufacturing, you are kindly invited to join the inaugural event of this new meetup.

The treat of the day is an interactive discussion with Jim Kor (, an automotive industry visionary, mechanical engineer and concept car designer from Winnipeg, Canada, the driving force behind Urbee (, a 3D printed, highly economic car, poised to cross America from New York to LA with a total fuel consumption of 10 gallons.

We'll try to learn from Jim about the processes transforming visionary's concepts in the touchable and ready-to-be-driven car, how the on-board technology balance is reached, keeping the system complexity and costs in the commercial and technological desired ranges.

Jim wants to have a first contact via Skype with our local tech ecosystem to precede the April 25th Hella Driving Innovation ( when he'll be part of the program as a key speaker. During the event, the automotive industry passionate people will also have a great chance to find the most interesting news about Hella Romania R&D programs and another great chance to drive the cutting edge BMW cars from the Banat Car (

To stay in the field of additive manufacturing the second presentation will feature Calin Brandabur (,d.ZWU), a local tech maverick, that designs and produces Symme3D (, a high-performance delta 3D printer/laser/router processing machine that may become the starting point of new approaches in the local automotive/manufacturing industry.

In the end of the event we'll have a slot dedicated to an overall discussion about the general topics to be approached during the coming Timisoara Automotive Technology meetups.