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For some years already, online marketing has come to the forefront, as companies big and small understand the value of shifting more of their marketing budgets online. There are more opportunities than ever before for businesses to reach their customers through the internet. It's now possible to spread your reach to cover your whole city or scale it up worldwide. This comes with a new vocabulary containing terms like email marketing, web analytics, affiliate marketing or optimized copywriting, and a plethora of acronyms like ROI, CPA, ESP, SMM, SEO, PPC.

This is a community where online marketing practitioners and experts can learn, share and network, explaining to newcomers in the field all this new vocabulary.

Our mission is simply to help each other grow in this exciting field...and have some fun in the process.

Our meetings will generally be on the last Marti/Tuesday of each month. The first part of our monthly meetups will typically consist of a presentation while during the second part we will attempt to perform LIVE website analysis, SEO strategy critique, tips on how to improve your engagement with customers, and other practicalities...

If you're interested in presenting on a topic or open your site for specialized feedback, please drop us a line. There's no cost to join this group, but we will request a 10 RON contribution at events to offset snacks and beverages expenses .

If you're serious about sharpening your online marketing skills or at least understanding, we look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

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