Tinel #33 with Paula Cucuk

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Tinel Meetup
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Locastic office space

Lovački put 7 · Split

How to find us

You can find us at the Locastic office in Split (Lovački put 7) on the 20th of February, we open our door at 18:00h.

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Due to some unforeseen circumstances with travel arrangements, Kévin Dunglas had to cancel his attendance at the upcoming Tinel event in Split. Luckily, all we had to do is take a look in our own backyard where we found a great replacement candidate.

In the past few months, Paula has delivered her API testing talk at events like ForumPHP in Paris, PHP Benelux and SunshinePHP in Miami and we have a strong feeling that the Tinel audience is going to enjoy it as well!

This Thursday we will be talking about software testing and if that's something you aren't doing yet - you should start! Tests will improve the quality of your code, reduce bugs and probably force you to think more about design and quality.

The toughest part is probably to figure out which type of tests to write and how to test some specific logic in your app - but don't give up!
Paula will present a few tips she learned along the way that will hopefully make your life easier. In this talk, you will hear about different test types and when to use them, real examples based on PHPUnit and Postman, followed by some tools for checking the test quality.

This talk is for every developer who did some research with testing, tried to implement the process, but they weren’t able to make it useful - RSVP now and see you on Thursday!

The agenda for the upcoming Tinel Meetup #33 is as follows:
18:00 — 18:30 The gathering
18:30 — 18:35 Opening remarks
18:35 — 19:30 Paula Čučuk: When you get lost in API testing
19:30 — 19:45 Q&A: Ask Paula!
19:45 — Free Beer o'clock!


If you're never been to Tinel, here's what you can expect.

Every single month we bring prominent tech speakers to Split in order to distribute knowledge to the growing local tech community. At some point during the Tinel journey, we joined forces with ICT županija, a partner that recognized the event potential and instantly started to support the cause.

We put a big emphasis on networking and meeting new people that share your interests, so we strongly suggest that you arrive a bit earlier. Our event partners LAB Split, Bokamorra and Biberon Cakes will make sure that you are well refreshed with tasty pizza, craft beers and delicious cakes.