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Cafe La Boheme

3318 24th Street · San Francisco, CA

What we're about

OBJECTIVE: The goal of Tinkering Toms is to get creative juices flowing around photography, imaging and other art forms. Monthly we meet to share our work and open a dialogue with a variety of people from a variety of perspectives.

CREATIVE ASSIGNMENTS: After each meet-up a new creative assignment will be posted. You’ll have one month to explore, consider, play and create a piece of art or Photography that fulfills the basic premise of the assignment. We’ll then gather to share and explain our work and help germinate our ideas.

BIG PICTURE: Whatever your passion is, use the guidelines of the various assignments as fodder to explore and turn things around in your head a little. Don’t be afraid to spin ideas upside down from traditional perspectives. Remember, there is no right or wrong, we are just a group of people getting together to foster our creative spirits.

ADVICE ON THE ASSIGNMENTS: Don’t let convention lock you in a way of doing things. Explore and feel free to do something you may not have done before if it feels right to you. Don't necessarily run with the first thing you think of... spend a few days just knowing you're supposed to come up with something that intrigues you and possibly others. Have some fun! Also, you can bounce ideas off of people outside of the group, but try not to discuss anything with other members until you’re ready to present!

PRESENTATION: We will be posting everyone’s work up on a wall for critiquing, so take a minute or two to make sure your work is presentation ready. This is as an excuse to print your work! If anyone has suggestions on local places to print, share!

EXAMPLE OF CHALLENGE (AND THE FIRST ASSIGNMENT): NIGHT VS. LIGHT Find something… a place or object and photograph at both night and in the light. This may be the inside of an empty bus at night, and a full bus in the morning. It may be a sliver of light that shows an abstract object at night, which is actually a beautiful flower when photographed in the daytime. Spend a few days thinking about the opposing time frames and what they can mean artistically.

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