What we're about

We are not the usual small dog play group that you find around town.

This is a safe place where small dogs gather together to Learn and Play while socializing.

Canines learn Etiquette & Behavioral skills.

We help resolve negative social behavior.

We give canine behavioral tips to fur parents.

Tiny Paws Fresno - Small Social Canines is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization & charity created to raise awareness and provide owner support through canine Socialization, Education and Resources. Tax ID: 83-0548618

Our mission is to close the communication gap between humans and dogs which will create a stronger bond.

We educate dog owners on how to better understand their dog's body language through our canine communications and pet psychology tips.

At our Learn & Play Small Dog Social Events we provide etiquette and behavioral training and fun!


* Heat above 85 degrees (at the time of the event)

* Cold below 65 degrees (at the time of the event)

* Rain

* Unhealthy air quality due to forest fire pollutants.

Event Days & Times

Days: Events are always held on Saturday.

Seasonal Time Changes: (All seasonal times are subject to change.)

Spring: February - May 10am - 12pm

Summer: June - September 9am - 11am

Fall: October - November 10pm - 12pm

Winter: December - January No Outdoor Events

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