Table 4 - Katie Table: Titans Smyrna Wednesday D&D Custom Campaign


This is the meet up for Table 4 Katie's table only!

This is currently a custom campaign.

About D&D at Titan Games and Comics:

We have a robust and friendly crowd every Wednesday night for D&D 5e. While most tables run the current Adventuer's League Adventure Season, they may not be following Adventurer's League rules. We've chosen to leave this choice up to each table individually. If you wish to take your characters to events, please be sure to select a table that will be following the AL rules for doing so!

New Players - Welcome! For your first night of actual play, we request that you RSVP. If you'd just like to come and watch a table to get an idea of how it works, please feel free to simply show up!

If you don't have a character or dice, a pregenerated character will be provided and dice will be loaned to you for the evening.

How RSVPing works:

Each table has a maximum capacity of 7 players (unless otherwise dictated by the GM). If you RSVP for a table that is full and end up on the wait list, you'll only be seated at the table to play if someone doesn't show up. Wait lists are handled in order of sign up, so *when* you sign up does matter! Sign up as early as you can.

Also, PLEASE remove yourself from any events you can't make.

Players who RSVP to more than one table will have their RSVP's removed at an organizer's discretion until they are RSVP'd to only one table.