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Titanium Netherlands
Titanium Netherlands
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As always, we'll start with free pizza & drinks at 19:00, but you're welcome to crash at the Glimworm lounge straight from work at 17:30.


This week hack.summit() ( will be the largest developer conference ever with already over[masked] registrations. With compliments of Appcelerator, we'll be showing some of the live stream in between our own talks.


• Lounge opens at 17:30 as a service

• 19:00 Free pizza, drinks and hack.summit() ( live with Scott Chacon, CIO Github

• 20:00 Talk #1: Cucumber

• 20:30 Talk #2: Shared Web+App Codebase

• 21:00 More drinks and hack.summit() ( with Jennifer Pahlka, Founder Code for America / former deputy CTO White House

Talk #1: Cucumber
Ronald Treur

Ronald will dive into the world of Cucumber ( for running human-readable BDD tests on Titanium apps.

Talk #2: Shared Web+App Codebase
Frank Eijking

Frank has been doing a PoC to share a codebase between a node-webkit, backbone-html5 and a Titanium Alloy app. He was able to share 70% of all domain specific CommonJS modules. In his talk he will show us how he pulled it off!

We want to hear from you!

Interested in sharing from your (fresh) experience with Titanium? A case study, shameless self promotion, gotcha, walkthrough, code snippet.. we love it all the same! Mail me at [masked] .