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The Test Your App Edition: TDD

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Westerdoksdijk 411 · Amsterdam

How to find us

The Roamler office is located right next to the IJ near Amsterdam Central station. It is only 5-10 minutes walk from the station.

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This months meetup will take place at the 14th!

Door is open at 6. As always there is beer and pizza available.

We'll be talking about Test Driven Development!

This meetup will be about Testing your app.

Talk 1: Lightweight unit testing for Titanium

Speakers: Yakup Kalin & David Cypers

Testing is a very important part when you want to write and ensure a quality codebase. Especially within Mobile development. But everyone knows that the reality is slightly different compared to the theory of testing within (Titanium) Mobile. Finding the correct library and having full mocking support can be hard. Especially when you’re dealing with Unit Tests that are depending on the Titanium runtime. During this session we will tell you how we tackled all difficulties we have experienced during our development and testing process. We will give you insights about the tools and best practices we developed during our Titanium Test journey, so that e.g. mocking the Ti namespace and even required libraries becomes very easy for you.

Talk 2: Making sure your metal doesn't break

Automate powerful tests for your Alloy-Titanium mobile app

Speaker: William Rijksen

Testing your application is necessary in order to increase the stability and maintainability by detecting mistakes early on during the development phase of your application. The Alloy framework delivers a MVC-framework, but how do you make sure the business logic of your app is introduced according to the requirements? The process of building of your application and testing multiple scenarios can take a lot of time without test-driven strategies. In this talk I’ll be explaining the possibilities of testing the behaviour of your application and as a result you’ll be able to develop your applications with more confidence and less errors.

Talk 3: Have you build an app you're proud of? Share it!


Interested in sharing from your (fresh) experience with Titanium? A case study, shameless self promotion, gotcha, walkthrough, code snippet.. we love it all the same! It doesn't need to be long or slick, we love short & practical!

Contact the lead for this meetup if you have a topic.