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Current Facts:
• 2.5 Billion smartphone holders are unbanked.
• The data economy is expanding and privacy, security and ownership of our identity and information is increasingly vulnerable
• There is no other single blockchain system today that can scale to power global transactions.
o Current 1000+ blockchains can not scale, aren't fully decentralized and do not benefit from distributed computing.
• Current Blockchains aka Distributed Ledger Technology, are NOT distributed, in fact they are "replicated" ledgers.

A new fourth generation blockchain:

The Toda protocol is a totally decentralized, soon to be open source public blockchain that combines decades of cryptographic value transfer innovation. It is a file transfer protocol that allows for ‘on chain’ digitisation of any asset (e.g., inventory, currency, land, commodities, identity). It can be hosted on millions of devices or mobile phones without need for intermediaries or miners. It can handle throughputs of up to millions of transactions per second and is energy efficient enough to remove the need for transaction or settlement fees.

Deploying solutions globally starting in 2018:

TODAQ is a Canadian-Korean company that provides Toda blockchain-as-a-service, digital asset management and finance and insurance services to large companies, public sector and small medium companies and consumers. It started going to market in 2018, particularly in Asia, the middle east and Africa. It has a project pipeline requiring development of an extensive set of Toda blockchain solutions and is deploying across several verticals (e.g. industry, currency, IoT, emerging markets).

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