Clovers + cadCAD: Modeling Game Economies

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Silicon Allee

Chausseestraße 19, 10115 · Berlin

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Our speaker: Billy Rennekamp, Founder Clovers.Network, Artist, Developer is an artwork and an economy. It incorporates novel proof-of-work, non-fungible tokens and an inflationary token with deflationary tendencies. The game Clovers originated from a combination of a studio art practice and cognitive science studies. It’s current version utilizes crypto-economic mechanisms like adjustable bonding curve market makers, optimistic contracts (counterfactual verification) and re-fungible tokens. Before deploying to Mainnet Ethereum this summer during Berlin Blockchain Week it has been modeled inside BlockScience’s cadCAD software to test some of the basic assumptions of the token model. This event will go over the design of Clovers and the process of using CadCad to model the in-game economy.

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