Mt. Ohno Hiking & Shashi Waterfall 大野山ハイキング&洒水の滝

This is a past event

26 people went


(Intermediate) (Participation Fee 1000 yen (This month's donations go to SHU - The Environment NPO & O.G.AforAid) (Cancelled in case of rain)

Be sure to bring your lunch and drinks.

Meeting Place/Time: JR Gotemba Line's Yaga Station Ticket Gate at 10:22AM
Take the following trains:
• Shinjuku Station (Odakyu Line Express going towards Odawara) 8:30AM - ShinMatsuda, arriving at 9:55 - Matsuda Station JR Gotemba Line (10:07 Departure) - Yaga Station (10:20)

DEFINITELY arrive at this time (since we cannot wait for the next train since they run infrequently)!

Walking Time: About five and a half hours

Course: Yaga Station - Mt. Ohno (723 M) - Shasui Waterfall - Yamakita Station
This course includes the Shasui Waterfall, one of Japan's top 100 waterfalls.

All events are run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events.

(中級・参加費¥1,000 (今月の寄付は環境NPO『樹木・環境ネットワーク協会』& O.G.A. for Aidに送ります。)・雨天中止)


集 合:JR御殿場線谷峨駅改札 10:22

電 車:小田急線新宿発 8:30(急行小田原行)⇒ 新松田着 9:55 ⇒松田発 10:07(JR 御殿場線 御殿場行)⇒谷峨着10:20


コース:谷峨駅→ 大野山 (723 M) → 洒水の滝 → 山北駅 (歩行:約5.5時間)

本日のコースには洒水の滝が含まれています。(日本の滝百選 の他に

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