Herb Garden and Hydrangea Village Festival Hike ハーブガーデン・アジサイの里祭りハイキング

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Tanzawa's Matsuda Herb Garden and Hydrangea Village Festival Hike

(Participation Fee 1000 yen (This month's donations go to Plant with Purpose & Rainforest Alliance))(Average Course) (Will go even in light rain)

Please bring your lunch and drinks.

We will meet at the gate of ShinMatsuda Station (on the Odakyu Line) at 9:45 AM.

8:23 Depart Shinjuku on the Odakyu Line (Special Express towards KataseEnoshima)
8:59 Get off at SagamiOno
9:01 Get on the Odakyu Line (Express towards Odawara)
9:44 Arrive at Shin Matsuda

COURSE: Shin Matsuda Station - Mt. Matsuda Herb Garden – Saimyo-ji Temple Park - Kaisei Hydrongea Village (FESTIVAL) - Shin Matsuda Station

The atmosphere and festival at Hydrongea Village are wonderful!!!

The total course time for the hike will be about 5 hours.

All events are run by Jambo International, a Having Fun, Doing Good Organization. Go to the website to see all of Jambo’s monthly events.

(中級コース・参加費1000円 (今月の寄付は・プラントウィズパーパス&レインフォレスト・アライアンスに寄付を送金します.)・雨天中止)

持 物:お弁当・飲料水

集 合:小田急新松田駅札口 9:45

電 車:新宿発8:23(小田急小田原線・快速急行片瀬江ノ島行)⇒ 相模大野(8:59到着)⇒ 相模大野出発(小田急小田原線(急行) [小田原行き])9:01⇒ 新松田着9:44



歩 行: 約5時間

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