Intro to HTML for Designers - Level 1


Price: ¥5,000
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Are you a designer who has never coded a website before but always wanted to? This workshop is for you!

Learn the basics of coding HTML websites in our Intro to HTML Series. This is a beginner workshop for anyone who has ever wanted to learn or understand how to code a website. This is for people going from absolute zero to html.

In this intro series, you will learn the basic structure of HTML and how to create a few simple web layouts. This is a practical, hands on workshop and we will be coding html pages as we go without diving too deep into definitions.

No prior experience or software is required. All you need is a laptop and to show up. We will hold your hand the entire way!


🤔 Do I have to be a designer to take this workshop?
👍 Nope! The workshop is just organized by some designers and understanding the structure of html can help improve your design thinking.... However, anybody can join if you are interested in learning how to code html and a little css.

🤔 I'm not sure where I fall in HTML knowledge...
👍 If you already know what an H1, Div, and Span tag are, then congratulations! You are already too advanced for this course and this is not for you - stay tuned for our next level in the series.

----- RSVP'ing -----

This workshop will be a a small format with a maximum of 10 seats.
If you are not able to make it, please let others fill the slot. No shows will be publicly shamed and banned. 🙊

⏰ 8/17 Sat 9:30am - 11:30am
💰 5,000 Yen
👥 Max 10 people

----- Venue ------

Tokyo Chapter, 2nd Floor Gallery
Akasaka[masked], Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

----- About the Organizers ------


Hi, I'm Hitomi. I'm a UX designer/front-end dev/entrepreneur from Boston, born in Japan but raised in the US! I started this group because I didn't know a lot of people, and wanted to find designer friends in Tokyo. I think it'd be awesome to do some team-based creativity stuff, as I've had some amazing experiences at some meetups back at home in Boston. I speak both English and Japanese, so if you need help with anything in Tokyo, feel free to reach out. :)


Hi I'm Mike. I'm a Designer from California and I recently moved to Tokyo to work, eat and play. But mostly eat. I'm still learning Japanese and in "tourist" mode for being new to living in Japan. I love exploring and eating. Did I mention food? I pretty much came back to Japan for the food. Design and stuff is just something for me to do in between meals.