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We meet at various places and talk about finding a path to a global career. I created a Help page (https://audiologiks.zendesk.com/hc/ja)so please look there or the links at the top of the page. Also happy to add information about working abroad if you have any to share. Here is a Github page with content from the Help page (https://github.com/audiologiks/kb-Articles) you can download and sync with.

1. Hong Kong -

2. Singapore -

3. United Kingdom -

4. Germany -

5. Sweden -

6. France -

7. Japan -

8. United States -

9. Canada -

10. Australia -

A new presentation on working in France has been uploaded


Here is the presentation posted on Slideshare


Here are some links to small companies in France to reach out to if you like their business


Anyone who is interested in a global career, working world wide, and/or just curious about it. Also, someone from overseas and currently staying in Japan to switch job or looking for a new career.
we exchange information about career opportunities and give suggestions each other for better career path.
There might be presentations from someone who have successfully obtained a global career or study/discussion group type talk to achieve your goal.


Check out our Articles on getting a job
Articles on Getting a Job https://audiologiks.zendesk.com/hc/en-us in our Knowledge Base

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