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Study the global trend of ICOs / TokenOfferings and technology behind, each week with case study.

Tokyo ICO / Token offering meet up is to study global trend of Crypto or Distributed financial system or apps, ICOs/Token offering, business model and technology behind. Case study two or three each week, without drinking much but with reading whitepapers and codes. Tech Session is for engineers especially those who actually code. Business side ladies n gents, or designers or traders, please visit ICO Case Study Session, that , anyone welcome. Since all important ICO are in English, we may not offer Japanese translation for that.

This meetup doesn't necessarily encourage ICO practice, but is to study business models and offering cases and technologies behind. Currently Japan U.S. China are three major countries not favorable for current ICO practice globally conducted.

- About China : q) Bloomberg Sep 4, The People’s Bank of China said on its website Monday that it had completed investigations into ICOs, and will strictly punish offerings in the future while penalizing legal violations in ones already completed. The regulator said that those who have already raised money must provide refunds, though it didn’t specify how the money would be paid back to investors.

- About Singapore: The State of ICOs Around The Worldby Fintechnews Singapore (http://fintechnews.sg/author/fintech-singapore/) October 13, 2017 (http://fintechnews.sg/date/2017/10/)

http://fintechnews.sg/12836/blockchain/the -...

- About USA. December 11, 2017


I'm trying to find our corporate office in roppongi so that I can share seminar space for this ICO meetup for free, not just hanzomon one now. Will take a month or so I guess. Coffee shop I like though, as NYSE started from.

More event info at http://bitcoincenterjapan.org/events/


Adding Nov 5. New About Trading Crypto Session: From November 2017, we will try to study tradings and charts also, knowing that U.S. CFA teaches about charts, although Japanese CFA equivalent doesn't encourage it, it started in Japan or Osaka two or more centuries ago, and so we have most public resources in the world for that in Tokyo, like candle stick charts and ceilings. In western world, known as many different names but one is Turtles http://www.investopedia.com/articles/trading/08/turtle-trading.asp I personally think, these charts are effective or explains effectively in irrational charts without common fundamental consensus criteria like P/E or BookValue. it is so , I guess, in like short term gold or future charts, it moves by coherent human feelings with feedback process circulate through principal entities. In the case of crypto, basically zero tangible assets and so irrational pricing in traditional accounting stand point. Anyway, and my name Kameta in Japanese, means "Turtle Field" ;) . Also, I would add one more aspect to trading , the former Rubin built a division well in Goldman Sachs, but/and we can create water mill anywhere..... Some people already know and some people may think its waste of time, so I separate this but this session will involve segwit and other forks because thats obviously, demand and supply, influencial opinion to demand, and so related to trading. It's a new mixed domain in trading in our history, so worth study how they merge I think. All said, anyone seriously interested in trading practices of coins and tokens, with basic understanding of trading and self responsibility, welcome to join this session also.

Added Dec 3

Here is stay grit s :) https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-11-30/so-it-looks-like-nobel-economics-laureates-don-t-like-bitcoin

Bloomberg has been watching bitcoin from very early times. Nice wrap up. I’m around Eric shumitt n bill gates n Milton freedman maybe. K

Who’s Hot, Who’s Not on Bitcoin https://www.bloomberg.com/features/bitcoin-bulls-bears/

——- Dec 21,2017 adding for 10th case study session. bitcoin price is around memorial 20,000 USD with typical vertical chart :) ——. Please raise specific coin or technology if any , we may chess that. IoTa, we discussed in earlier sessions and SHA256 ++ part discussion, the token seems to have gained interest in Tokyo among niche crypto guys. Bitclave i heard progress, good. I don’t have any though. I disclose as a certified analyst requirement ;)

ICO seems to have gained more acceptance with more guidance by regulators n authorities in major countries, which is good and my doing this didn’t end up in vain. Bloomberg talks more about bitcoin cash after charts and Mr Roger of bitcoin.com who I think has contributed quite a lot to create seigniorage of The coin and so he enjoys it also with his mining programs completes the self sustaining distributed system, mentioned that he sold most of bitcoin at an interview w blmbg.

BoJ Kuroda san reportedly said bitcoin price is bubble. Naruke-san’s book titled something like “ After the bitcoin .....” seems well supported by Japanese , although I haven’t opened yet. For young foreigners in Tokyo, he is ex MSFT japan ceo, in case you don’t know. Most mSfT guys I assume think blockchain is not great technology. And if so, MSFT can deliver their own more securely and thoroughly . Still wondering venue , I may move to San Francisco not to roppongi.
If 20 th is too late, please raise concern.
I’ll be back from California by then.

Volunteers with open minded n tech n invest n trade with willingness to cope with regulators and law makers , I know you are rich enough but it will be quite nice if you kindly spare some of your TIME for Tokyo. Kei

---- Jan 17 2018 adding ----

Article recently quoted by some reputable media ..... is this, althogh it state that recieved 30 May 2017.

q) - Price Manipulation in the Bitcoin Ecosystem - Author Berglas School of Economics, Tel Aviv University, IsraelbTandy School of Computer Science, The University of Tulsa, USA Received 30 May 2017, Revised 20 December 2017, Accepted 30 December 2017, Available online 2 January 2018. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0304393217301666 (q

I think,

When the bitcoin value move out to alternative coins, less liquidity will pump up the price but, in the end, if without enough liquidity, without diversified players, same old event like above quoted, may happen again. Regulation is one way, investors smarter is another way. Whatever the price, the buyer agreed to buy from the seller, and regardless the value they assume. But if the investors just ride on charts, chances are some could take advantage of those simple strategy rider. However, someone smarter may take that advantage down to disadvantage. It will be nice if the market meets value without noise, but noise creates opportunity to trade. And if no noise by human hands, then machine can play better for sure, leaving no opportunity to profit in pure trading in the end. But, if the idea of value comes into the equation, inifinite hands appear. And when we try to discuss about the valuation, the incident above, is NoGood.


2018 Jan 31 FB baba ICO ads

2018 Feb 12

FSA, Japanese version SEC, reportedly, warned this off-shore ICO agent number of times already for not LICENSED nor REGISTERED, and will step further to stop their related activities.
As bitcoin and other coins price or whatever goes down these weeks, regulators seems to become cautious about ICOs or more precisely the out come of the losing investors and feasibility disclosures on ICO . As Japanese tax return season arrives, and ppl get informed that switching coins by investing in ICOs can’t escape the recognition of capital gain, Japanese government may gain most or even majority by well designed tax code, but will soon alert rich tech intelligence global that Japan is worst advanced nation on earth for the rich to be taken cared of , for the general public services offered. But that’s inevitable consequence of introduction of crypto after all, I think, next to currency.


Mar 9 , 2018
Registered Crypto exchanges and ToBe registered exchanges in Japan investigated and ordered to improve their operation by FSA, Or Japanese version SEC.
Nikkei report that FSA already found compliance issues including illegals.

I guess this spring season in japan will clear out those operators with less care for claims and less care for the outcome of their misconducts.
After all, financial institutions are not just IT system , but the mindset professionals share to maintain credibility of the profession and the industry , to keep providing affluent capitals and liquidity to the society BEFORE / NOT JUST profit. Then why they run crypto exchange? What for? To promote Bitcoin? To sell their coin? Who needs bitcoin? For what? Like FX trading services. Better odds than roulette. Is that financial? What do they fine ance ? I found some articles about Coin holders ‘ class action to ICO s .
People argue with people. First layer ground set days after rainy days. Japan will think, Japanese government will think, and new hope like in star wars , will emerge ! Maybe that’s someone among us, our Tokyo Crypto study community.

April 7

My company Zweispace Just started real estate blockchain service,
unlike many ICOs, we hold patent, prepared and filed years ago.
Although in the case of “crypto exchange “ patent , I remember reading, held by Bank of America, Japanese public traded company are going to be involved directly to this business not just pure investment. Most ICO pitch I receive, seems really primitive idea and so they don’t worry and I won’t either , but some tech oriented ICO may be serious ones . But none of those answer when I ask about patent. But they usually don’t stop complaining Bank close their account or PayPal or visa. And I ask again about patent of particular company usually decade old ones, and they usually change topic without facing it or invent better. Ok who is going to regulate these unregistered unofficial crypted projects? raising money in outside their country breaking laws or ignoring it. That’s really really rude. And I think , Japanese may not be happy about it in the end , but before that, FSA , or Japanese SEC , ordered
Binance to back off from dealing with Japanese without proper license. Binance escaped from Chinese government order and moved to Taiwan, but may move again to somewhere more unknown. Brave is good , but it seems like that they are just finding last place on earth where tax revenue is less than cost and backed up its infrastructure maintenance by global financial system HQed at center of traditional civilization government. Now those same trad global civilization give power to mostly American financial big player naturally with legit and fair legal process globally agreed , by patent system, and these ICO pitching ppl make video clips and joke tokens by paying 200,000$ to instant consultant group, spending dollars generated from selling bitcoin or others on the pumped exchange, yeah that’s educational to see how to make cool video marketing tools and JavaScript design libraries, but those serious financial pro and tech guys , may want to use noise canceler , but trad media is far from understanding just touching thin surface of what’s going on..... but this new technology movement to connect tech or other great things directly to people , is something valuable I think . So . Let’s be patient a little more and wait well prepared smart ones show up from now this year or next. California is raising from long sleep . They didn’t have wall street in California, just the spread of Mr Larsen’s team and PayPal etc. U.S. is big after all, let’s see how the NY big players match with Silicon Valley. :)
I just opened California Meetup also. Set at our Plug and Play office , where world first bitcoin meetup started . Hmm. After all. It started there where PayPal grew , and mr Roger s pictures on the wall:)

I may bring press from next. will write in that case prior .


April 25, 2018

A popular ??ethewallet reportedly hacked
from around DNS.
Middle man can steal keys in the traffic,
with invisible speed.
So those who are not familiar with tech ,
You may not want to touch ethe until instructions clearly set from major crypto media which handles DNS system hopefully well or harder or mostly illegal to copy.
It can happen to any sites, but that digital number which ppl think worthy creates economical incentives to these attack/s. So.

May 3 , 2018
Ethereum itself ,checked by SEC.

May 29, 2018
Coins mostly down sharp.
Except No.1 bitcoin and stable one.
I guess , monacoin s reorg incident, high lighted the weakness of PoW consensus mechanism in far less popular chains with similar hash algorithm. Survival of the fittest situation in selecting chains , Craig Wright also mentioned around that in some video 2015.
So in that case, what will happen to bitcoincash and also to ethe PoS and miners. ..... well ... instead of discussing what to do with old technology and lock ups, we may want to study the ideal consensus mechanism for the constructive future.
I set engineering session again. Hoping some may want to stand up n claim , yeah here some crypto engineer in Tokyo!

Sep 17 , 2018

2018 saw even more Token offerings but limit the issuance to institutional quality investors with larger lot, probably to meet regulation after scammy to speculating small lot individuals . I see some California traditional internet names are joining some of California based projects. Slow development down to technology is happening.
That said, I set AI crack session #1 for engineers. Blockchain is in same layer with like mail servers, but ledger or simpler DB. But DB is boring , even though math doctor may brush up a bid for efficiency, that’s not everyone’s interest to crack. So naturally, we will dig into AI, I think.
I learned karate for about three four years maybe. Black belt teaches secret to black belt. Unlike CFA teaches anyone without asking trading experience. Ken do , Ju do, Karate do, they teach with ethics and practice. So, practitioner or engineer in this case, welcome.


Feb 17, 2019

JP Morgan announced that they will run their coin.

Craig Wright posted on CFTC US
About Satoshi Nakamoto
About project BlackNet he started 1997
Also commented about ICO.


He is now supporting Bitcoin SV.


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