What we're about

This is gathering about "Japan", learning Japanese, culture, manners, talking and talking... You can get something natural knowledge about Japan that is not taught in school... for FREE!!!


This Japanese Class is "Free Talk" style of lesson. Any people who wants to learn Japanese can join us even the Beginner! There are several Japanese knowledge in our member from beginner to expert! It's great welcome to join our Japanese Class if you want to learn it :) Yokoso!

Our rule is only "enjoy" to learn Japanese. That's all!

■Prohibited Matter
- Don't invite to any Network Business
- Don't do any Harassment
*If the above prohibition is discovered, then it will be subject to withdrawal

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65th Japanese Class (RSVP page for Japanese volunteer only)

Bunkyo Kumin Center 4F

当日本語教室の予約ページは日本人向けと外国人向けの二つあり、こちらは日本人専用ページです。 If you are non-Japanese, please make your reservation from the reservation page for non-Japanese. ■ 第65回は3月26日に行います!!! -入場:無料 -ところ: 文京区民センター4F ボランティア活動室B -じかん: 18:30 -こちらのページから事前予約をお願い致します。 ■詳細 この日本語教室は、2~3名の少人数グループでのフリートーク制です。 各グループは外国人と日本人混合とさせていただいております。 15−20分ごとにメンバー変更を行いますので、様々な人とお話を楽しむ事が出来ます。 ■ アクセス 会場への最寄り駅は、都営三田線もしくは都営大江戸線の春日駅です。 A2出口から地上に出ていただき、すぐ左手にある建物の4階までお越し下さい。 当日、行き方がわからないような事があれば、お気軽にご連絡ください! [Notice] もし他の方を別のイベントにご招待したい場合は、事前に私たちにご連絡を頂きますようお願い致します。教室の最後に全体に向けた告知のお時間をご用意させていただきます。 Organized by Nippon PR Contact: Shozaburo Takahashi E-mail: [masked] Nippon PR official website: http://www.nipponpr.org/

65th Japanese Class (RSVP page for non-Japansese)

Bunkyo Kumin Center 4F

We have two reservation pages for this event, and this page is only for non-Japanese speakers. その為、日本人の方は恐れ入りますが日本人(Japanese volunteers)向け予約ページからの参加登録をお願い致します。 ■ The 65th Class will be on March 26th!!! -Cost: free -Location: Volunteer Katsudo Shitsu B (Bunkyo Kumin Center 4F) -Open: 18:30 -Remark: booking in advance -Booking: RSVP on this Meetup page -If you cannot find the venue, please feel free to contact us. ■ What we do This Japanese class is conversation table style. We will ask attendees to create groups of 2-3 people and have free conversations. Groups will be combination of native Japanese and non-Japanese speakers and will be shuffled every 20 minutes. ■ How to go to JAPANESE CLASS??? [from the Subway Kasuga station] Kasuga station is served by Toei Mita Line and Toei Oedo Line. When you get there, please find A2 Exit. Once you get to the ground, go into the building next to the subway exit and go up to the 4th floor. [Notice] If you have some upcoming events and would like to invite other people, please notify us in advance--so that we can inform all the attendees at the end of class as an announcement! Organized by Nippon PR Contact: Shozaburo Takahashi E-mail: [masked] Nippon PR official website: http://www.nipponpr.org/

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