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Only for very beginners!

No problem if you’re not able to read Japanese. Reasons below.

Feel free to join us!🤗
●What’s Karuta?

Traditional card game which recently get popularity by Manga “Chihaya fulu”.

A reader read out a poem and players identify the card faster than opponent.

Also called “Marshal arts on Tatami”

【Easy to start】
We are gonna start from a easy few cards.
Then start 1 on 1 game.
After you memorize several cards, we are gonna play team match (3 on 3). Then add the new cards according to your level.

What you have to tell is only a few syllables of cards and each cards have phonetic seal so you wouldn’t be suffered from Hiragana and Kanji stuff.

【Good to】
— Improve both English and Japanese
— Make friends
— Experience traditional Japanese culture and sounds of poetry
— Exercise
— Realize your talent

※In this group, we are going to play “Shimonoku” style Karuta. On Chihaya-fulu, they play “Kaminoku” style. It’s same Hyakunin-Isshu but rule is different.
On Shimonoku, it uses only lower half part of a poem so easy to start. And another difference, Material of card is wood.
So If you are really want to play Karuta with totally same rule as Chihaya-fulu, this group may not suit fir you. However, the core of interesting point is both same and Shimonoku style has even more enjoyable points.

※No solicitation for any business, religious or political purposes (eg. network marketing etc.). Let me know asap if you find anyone who attempts to do that.

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