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Welcome to Tokyo Medical English/Japanese for healthcare professionals.

This group is for anyone who is interested in Healthcare or Learning Medical English and Japanese language. Please Join us and explore the knowledge in Medical and Healthcare fields in your second language.

About us

TMEJ is a group for anyone who is interested in learning medical English or Japanese language through healthcare related topics. Our study session is the place for exchanging knowledge or experience with people of various occupations using medical English or Japanese as the second language. The group concept is "to express your healthcare related ideas in English/Japanese." Persons with any English/Japanese conversation skills levels or of profession are welcome.

Our goal

Our goal is to increase the number of bilingual healthcare professionals. Japan is entering the era of rapidly aging society and the aging society is creating a serious manpower shortage in the medical and nursing care field. This undesirable trend will accelerate in the future. In order to ensure the foreign workers in the medical and nursing field, Japan will have to provide a good working environment for such foreign workers. Japanese society cannot rely on the one sided solution of foreign workers learning Japanese. TMEJ is the group for foreign and Japanese healthcare professionals who are interested in building up the bilingual medical and nursing environment.

About our meeting

Our meeting is a place to exchange information with people of various occupations on various topics related to medical and nursing care. No one is designated as a teacher or a student in TMEJ. TMEJ is the place to exchange information with people of various occupations on various topics related to the medical and nursing care. Participants might practice medical English or Japanese language on a daily basis in order to exchange opinions in study sessions TMEJ.

Our meeting is based on the concept of Dr. Sugata Mitora's SOLE(Self Organizing Learning Environment). Since we started the medical English and Japanese practice group for healthcare professionals, we have noticed that we might just need a place for sharing our knowledge and conversation skill. When we have special presenters provide us with an interesting topic, our conversation becomes a place of information exchange between the variety of healthcare professionals. Our goal is not to make people learn, but to create an environment where learning is possible. Our idea is “If there is a place, the learning will happen.” This is the feature of the study session TMEJ.

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We would like this group to be great help for the improvement of your Medical English/Japanese skill.

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