• Ice Barefoot Challenge + foot bath!

    Shibuya Hikarie

    *足湯 hot bath for feet!* This time will probably be the coldest of the year, so we will go to an 足湯 (hot foot bath) at the end! https://www.mominokihouse.jp/asiyu.html Meet around 1:15pm in Hikarie on 2F, behind the escalators on the walkway toward Shibuya. We will decide our route to the foot bath based on the weather. Those who are ready to do the "ice bucket challenge" of barefooting can switch to barefoot mode in Hikarie. *What to bring* Come wearing lightweight shoes that you can carry just in case you need to put them on during the walk! Self care is important, so wear shoes whenever you need to! *Please note!* This will be a chance to walk outside in the cold without shoes! It will probably feel painful at times, so everyone must make their own choice of when to wear shoes. *Also note!* I went to the foot bath place, and their foot baths are much smaller than their website suggests. Seems each person gets an individual foot basin. *Price* 1000 yen plus tax for herbal tea and 45 minutes in the foot bath. https://www.mominokihouse.jp/asiyu.html

  • Your Art Matters

    Needs a location

    Bring your art for show and tell! (Art discussion in English) Do you want a chance to show your work and talk about it in an intimate setting? Do you want encouragement from fellow artists to push your creativity further? Get feedback from other artists, or pure encouragement, as you prefer! Set goals for what art you will create before the next meeting! To protect your art (and our space), please bring only "dry art." (No wet oil, acrylic, etc. No fragile pieces.) Max two pieces of art per person Max five attendees + 2 organizers 1000 yen includes tea, snacks, chat with other artists Buy tickets now! (only 5 spaces available) http://ptix.at/w2NDch