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Greetings and welcome! 始めまして。マーティンと申します。どうぞよろしくお願いします。

I have some great wonderful, wonderful news! You too can become wealthy and financially independent through long term stock ownership of excellent companies.

The purpose of this group is very simple and clear. It is to help you learn how to find and study the best businesses of our time and to invest in them for the long term. This group is to help you learn how to invest the right way.

Buying and holding great companies that make innovative products and services in powerful future trends, and holding these stocks for years and decades is a the best way to create wealth for yourself. You can become financially secure and independent if you invest your money this way. This group exists to help you learn how become a self-directed, do it yourself investor with the aim of becoming rich enough for you to be able to live off your wealth and to never have to worry about money again.

Stocks are the best asset class to grow your savings. Far better than cash, bonds, gold, and real estate. The stock market long term has produced results of 8-11% annualized for patient investors. If you regularly invest in outstanding companies in profitable industries that provide important products and services widely used and hold these companies for the long term, you will experience incredible growth and compounding of your money.

Here's what wealth building looks like:

At a rate of 8%, $10,000 in 30 years left alone will grow to $100,626.57.

At a rate of 10%, $10,000 in 30 years left alone will grow to $174,494.02.

At a rate of 12%, $10,000 in 30 years left alone will grow to $299,599.22.

At a rate of 15%, $10,000 in 30 years left alone will grow to $662,117.72.

At a rate of 15%, $10,000 plus a regular yearly contribution of only $5000 a year will grow to $2,835,843.45!

This is possible! Some common companies that have produced returns of 15% and more over the last 30 years:

Nike: 18.32% annualized (plus dividends)

Starbucks: 23.09% annualized (plus dividends)

Apple: 19.49% annualized (plus dividends)

Microsoft: 18.18% annualized (plus dividends)

Want some more examples? In the last ten years, from 2008-18, some of the best stocks have returned amazing results. For example:

• Netflix: 51.3% annualized

• Amazon: 40.2% annualized

• Booking Holdings (formerly Priceline): 37.1% annualized

• Nvidia: 33.4% annualized

• Salesforce: 32.8% annualized

• Starbucks: 31.6% annualized

• Apple: 30.8% annualized

• Mastercard: 30.0% annualized

(from Fortune 500 Issue, June 2019 edition, p. F.28)

Sure beats the return of cash in a Japanese bank, which returns only about 0.05%! Owning outstanding businesses long term works! If you are patient, ignore market noise, volatility, and activity, you will win big. Our group tries to find and study these great companies to hold for the next 10 years and longer!

We study and discuss the best companies of our time that have a great future in front of them. We take a business focused approach to investing and seek to become part owners of top quality businesses that have excellent products and services that make life, business, and the world better. We try to find companies run by the best management teams that are in strong future trends and have powerful tailwinds behind them. We try to find these companies early and invest in them for the long term. Most of all, we practice patience. We have no interest in trading, charts, stock price, media noise and other distracting activity. We put our money to work in the stock market and then let it go. We focus on businesses and the markets they serve and try to select the winners and avoid the losers.

I want to empower you to become a successful, self-directed, do-it-yourself smart stock investor. Everything I've learned and all the mistakes I've made I want to share with you so you can benefit and become rich through rational stock investing. You can learn how to invest successfully in stocks, its not hard. Its certainly not as hard as learning Japanese! I'm a totally self taught investor and have been investing and managing my money for over 13 years. The payoff of amazing wealth building over time is worth the effort and care to learn now how to do it right. Remember, its your money, your time, and your life. Being financially free means you have more options in your life and can make even more powerful differences for good. I want to help you learn how to get started and to provide you with excellent proven resources and information to aid you on your stock investing journey.

The sooner you get started investing, the better. But you've got to learn how to do it the right way because there is much misinformation in the financial world, media, and people about investing that can prevent you from being a successful. For example, a lot of people don't even invest in stocks or the stock market. This is a huge mistake you need to avoid because you will miss out on the amazing opportunity of wealth creation available in the stock market. I have learned through my own on-going study and experience what works best and want to share with you this highly valuable information.

In this group, we will study the following principles:

--Always have money invested the stock market for life. The stock market is the greatest wealth builder over time, will beat inflation, is liquid, and taxed more favourably

--Be a businesses focused, long term, patient, buy and hold stock investor of great companies

--Do not trade, market time, use charts, focus on stock price, or speculate. The stock market is not a casino or a short term game

--Invest only in carefully selected well managed, visionary, dominant, and innovative businesses with great cultures in strong trends

--Keep buying, rarely sell and hold, hold, hold!

--Try to increase your savings rate through lowering your living expenses to have more money to invest and always be out of debt! The more money you can invest for the long term will make you richer and richer

--Top resources, services, and people to learn from to grow as an investor and become better

--Always give back some of your profits made from successful investing towards worthy causes that help make the world better. I try to give at least 10% back to charity

I have the Canadian Securities Course Certificate, have read hundreds of books on investing and personal finance, as well as participated in professional forums and seminars from top global investing money managers. I have now done over 40 Meet Ups on this topic helping people learn how to invest in stocks.

Some key resources this group is based on is the book "Conscious Capitalism (https://www.amazon.co.jp/Conscious-Capitalism-Liberating-Heroic-Business/dp/1625271751/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507972457&sr=8-1&keywords=conscious+capitalism)", which helps us think clearly about what excellent businesses should be and act like. Another key resource is The Motley Fool Investor Guide (https://www.amazon.co.jp/Motley-Fool-Investment-Guide-Streets/dp/1501155555/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1507978469&sr=1-1) which can teaches us in more depth what the companies to buy are, what companies to avoid, and how to navigate markets smartly and profitably for life. I highly recommend reading these books for your success.

Please join us to learn how to get started investing and stay invested successfully for life! Let your hard earned money work for you 24/7 through buying and holding great, growing businesses for years and decades. See your savings multiply and become financially independent. This can happen if you learn how. It is possible and you can definitely do it as I and many others have done it! I'm more than happy to share with you how. I look forward to meeting you all soon!

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