WordPress Meetup Tokyo #24 - November 2015: WordPress 4.4


Hello, WordPress developers & users in Tokyo!

Next WordPress Meetup Tokyo event for English-speakers will be on Friday night, Nov. 20.
The venue is at our usual Coworking Space "Co-Edo (https://www.facebook.com/CoWorkingSpaceKayabacho)" in Kayaba-cho.


1. WordPress 4.4 Quick Overview / Q&A
2. Short presentation by Sarah Cada

Sarah lives in the Philippines and will be visiting Tokyo.

3. Flash talk by other participants

(if we have some time left at the end)

Charge: ¥1,000/per person

As usual, this includes the standard usage fee of the coworking space. If you wish, you can use the space before the meetup with no additional charge (open 10 am to 9 pm on weekdays).

All presentations and discussions will be in English.



How to get to Coworking Space Kayabacho, Co-Edo

Nearest station is Kayaba-cho Station (Hibiya-line and Tozai-line)

From the station, it is about 3 min. walk. You can find Co-Edo on the maps at Kayabacho Station.

From the Exit #3:
Walk straight to the direction of Starbucks. Walk pass Starbucks, and go over the short bridge. Walk pass Cafe Veloce, and it is the next building. The building is named "PA building (PAビル)", and we are on the 5th floor.

From the Exit #4 or #5:
Go across the road to Starbucks, and it is same as above from there.

See also: http://blog.coworking.tokyo.jp/p/access.html#access-in-english (http://blog.coworking.tokyo.jp/p/access.html#station-to-coedo)

The building looks like this (street view): http://goo.gl/maps/4HsKr

Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/IJDH8