What we're about

This is a group for aspiring filmmakers to gather together in community and make movies.

Pooling resources like cameras and sound gear is one benefit of the group.
Creativity is the main focus, and creating a community that allows the creativity of film in which ever way we see it in our mind.

Your finished project does not have to look like a Hollywood movie production.
The main focus is gaining creativity, experience and satisfaction being part of a creative community.

If you get time, drop me a message with your skill/assets so that I can make a list.
If you have any skills/needs I can place you with the right people this way.

Do you have/need?
Camera/sound equipment. Acting/engineer experience.
If so, please let me know.

Past events (31)

Practice day! models/actors and camera crew

cafe veloce ginza 5-10-6

Phone project. 2nd shoot.

Hamacho Station(Toei Shinjuku Line)

Photos (28)

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