Free Python training weekly follow-up

Every week on Wednesday


Chiyoda, Kioicho, 1−2-17F, Tokyo · Tokyo

How to find us

Take the elevator to Yahoo Lodge (18F), register at the reception desk, then go down to 17F.

Location image of event venue


Welcome all Python beginners / intermediate / experts!

This meeting is to assist people learning Python programming language and to give opportunity to those experienced in Python to teach and help others.

[For beginners / intermediate]

We use materials from the on-line edX course from MITx named "Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python".

Link here for more details:

The course is self-paced, and it is available until August 31, 2018. After the date we'll probably choose another course to follow.

Regardless if you are already following the course, or just curious and you would like to have a look, feel free to come.

[For intermediate / experts]

If you are good in Python programming, you are also very welcome to join.

Feel free to suggest a 10 min presentation. As the venue's infrastructure (network, projector, screen, video ports, etc.) may vary, please contact us for details.

Yahoo Lodge:
Closest stations: Nagatacho (Yurakucho, Hanzomon, Nanboku lines) and Akasaka Mitsuke (Ginza, Marunouchi lines).

1) bring your laptop or anything you can write Python code with.
2) if you need help to set-up your Python environment, we will dedicate time for that. Solution for everything.

19:30 - 21:00 (closed)

Participation is free.

Thank you.