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We organize local networking and trade meetups on the second Wednesday of each month for web industry enthusiasts, and we welcome everyone from creatives and programmers to hobbyists and entrepreneurs of every skill level or education.

We promote the web industry in Toledo, offer education and employment resources, and attract talent.

Our membership and meetings are open to the public and are free to attend for everyone.

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Cooking up better web applications with inspiration from the culinary world

Join us for after-work drinks and snacks for this month's Toledo Web Professionals meetup. Software development is a relatively young field. What is considered “beautiful code” one day can be an anti-pattern the next. What if there was a way to write software that is easier to maintain, quicker to write, and more consistent by taking some timeless inspiration from the more established, culinary world? "Mise en place" is a cooking term that describes the planning and preparation to assure everything is in its place before we start cooking our meal. Similarly, the creation of shared component libraries or design systems can help us build out parts of our application in isolation. In this talk, we will examine how using this strategy can help everyone on the team utilize these same ingredients to build, discuss, and design ultimately better software. We'll discuss how we can: • Build a custom component library that will scale well for your team or organization • Enhance your ability to efficiently test your components • Check your components for accessibility issues instead of checking for issues at the page / app level • Automate common development tasks Bio: Ryan Lanciaux is a professional software developer based out of Ann Arbor, MI. Although he programs in several languages, his current area of focus is front-end development. He helps companies and teams build awesome React and React Native applications through his company Spaceship Studio, LLC. He attempts to contribute to the development community through his (often-neglected) blog. You can find him on Twitter at @ryanlanciaux (https://twitter.com/ryanlanciaux).

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2020 AT&T Toledo -- Smart Cities Hackathon

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