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TOO fat? TOO old? TOO slow? No problem! If you are aged thirty and over, AND thirty or more pounds overweight, and you want to get lean and fit on a woman's road bike but don't want to stand out like a sore thumb in a typical cycling group, or, get left in their dust, then this group is for you! This groups goal is to learn women's road bike basics in a supportive, obese/overweight female-friendly, beginners cyclist environment.

We will be cycling over flats on longer rides for fat-burning and endurance (Chandler Bike Path from Noho to Sherman Oaks or longer based on group consensus) with mild inclines, LA River Bike Path and the occasional attempts to ride to the Griffith Park Observatory from Travel Town. Occasionally, as the group progresses in fitness, we may take the train and/or carpool to Santa Barbara and bike down the coast and spend the night at a campground, or, motel. There will also be the occasional ten mile tours along the Pacific Coast.

No rider left behind. However! Fixies, Dutch bikes, beach cruisers, and Townies my not be ideal for two reasons. Firstly, these bikes may not be appropriate due to their lack of gears and propensity to strain muscles. And second, the goal of this group is to become women's "road-bike" proficient to burn excess body fat. One of the long-term goals of the group will be cycling in 50 mile and 100 mile tours. As well as to give our members the opportunity to train for multi-day supported tours, like the annual AIDS Ride on PCH.

The group will also support vegans, and those whom are plant-based-curious as a dietary basis for training at optimal levels. In that spirit many rides may take a break, end at or be the destination of a vegan restaurant, or, at a vegan-friendly restaurant!**********************************************************************************
Recommended women's road bikes are Specialized, Giant LIV, Felt, Reid, FUJI and similar. With a minimum of twenty-two gears. Most carbon road bike frames have a maximum weight limit of 250 pounds. I recommend aluminum frame, lower-end (cheaper) models to start with. (I'm riding an old clunker for now until I'm ready to upgrade.)

If you are beginning this ride at your heaviest, as I am, then try to get a second hand women's road bike on Craigslist or at a local dealer for under $300.00. Something you won't mind taking a financial loss on if you decide to upgrade in a year or two to a more lightweight, expensive bike as your fitness level improves.

Bring water and food, and a fully charged phone to call a friend to pick you up in case you get tired or lost. Also, bring a full bike kit; Spare tubes, patch kit, tire levers and mini air pump. Wear sunblock and hydrate well forty-five minuets prior to the ride, and during the ride.

The start of most rides will be in the Noho, West Toluca Lake, Toluca Lake, Burbank, Universal City, Studio City and Sherman Oaks areas. (If you want to attend and need to take the Red Line and/or Orange Line we can arrange to meet you at end of the Red Line in Noho. Let me know ahead of time.)

Past events (2)

Mid-Week Pick-Me-Up Ride

North Hollywood Amelia Earhart Regional Public Library

Los Angeles Critical Mass Bike Ride (LACM)

Metro Red Line NoHo Station + Park & Ride

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