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Dungeons & Dragons, Adventures at the Growler House
Adventures at the Growler House -------------------------------------------- We'll be playing an adventure that starts with everyone meeting in a tavern (in real life and in the D&D world)! LOCATION: Sherwood Growler House ------------------------------------------- Buy yourself a delicious beverage and join us for a short, fun adventure. Growler House 21319 Southwest Sherwood Boulevard · Sherwood NEVER PLAYED D&D BEFORE, OR HAVEN'T PLAYED IN AGES? ---------------------- This is the perfect opportunity to try out a new hobby or get back into the game. We'll be playing D&D 5th edition. This is our 2nd game of D&D at the Growler House. Characters that make it to the end, will gain enough experience points to level up. WHAT TO BRING -------------------------------------------------------------- • A welcoming, open attitude and a creative mind. Pre-generated character sheets will be provided for new players. Players will have a variety of options to select from including: Human Fighter, Dwarf Cleric, Halfling Rogue, Elf Wizard, etc. If there is a specific type of character you want to play, leave a comment below. ADVENTURE BACKGROUND ------------------------------------------------ Your character took a fair paying job to deliver supplies to a remote tavern located in the middle of Sherwood forest. Returning players will be level 2 now. New players start at level 1.

Growler House

21319 Southwest Sherwood Boulevard · Sherwood

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This meet up is about enjoying great company, great beer and enjoying a low key no pressure dungeon and dragon game experience. Prior game knowledge is great but not required. Dungeon master is provided. The game will be either Tomb of Annihilation or Seven Wonders at this time. At least 2 players are required to play.

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