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Toni Attell's Past-Lives Psychic Salon! :) A glorious adventure
Dear Psychic Salon members! I'm so looking forward to seeing you the third Monday of every month until beginning of 2019. I will read for each of you the one past life that really is screaming to be expressed, be it to recover or confirm a great skill you had and make it work for you now, or to let go of a negative pattern, which has held you back because of its charge and trauma from that past life. This is VERY powerful, if you'll listen. It's your soul and your guides and angels talking to you! :) Ours is a group where Healers come together to bring out their intuitiveness and to get rid of old inner talk. I will help you reprogram yourselves. I am so looking forward to having a fantastic, supportive Psychic Salon with YOU, where change is indeed possible. As Sofia, the character played by Penelope Cruz in the great film "Vanilla Sky," says to her soulmate, David Ames, played as brilliantly by Tom Cruise, (say it with a Spanish accent, it's irresistible :)), "EVERY PASSING MOMENT IS A CHANCE TO TURN IT ALL AROUND." She also, so sadly and so hilariously, says to him, when he asks when he'll see her again, "I'll see you in another life... when we're both cats!." :) :) :) I'll see YOU in another past life of yours on Thursday! Please, make sure to RSVP. And, if your plans change, then change your RSVP right away so we can have a good estimate of who will be there for sure. Love, Toni

Toni's Psychic Salon

6632 Columbus Ave. · Van Nuys, CA


What we're about

It came to my attention years ago as a mime working around the world that each person has a different body language. As I further explored the subject of movement in different cultures, I began to read the body languages of people, from Past-Life DNA memories to the patterns that are hidden within each and every one of us. These patterns can help us today or keep us doing the same thing over and over again, like falling in love with the same type of person, jobs, friendships, family and money regards.

By searching the past, we can unlock the present situations we find ourselves repeating over and over, or we can strengthen the decisions we make by keeping that which works and letting go of that which is no longer effectively helping us.

It is also fun to find out that what you were... can make you what you are. Participants also learn how to "read bodies" through observing how others walk. Also involved is exploration into your own Psychic Sixth Sense, Man's Intuition and how our futures can be changed with this information. Once you acknowledge it, the body and mind adjust and new positive patterns are created. Like taking a old book off the shelf and putting a new--more evolved--one up.

Guests can ask questions about their past and future with Tarot Cards and Body Readings (by the way you walk). Many different modalities of relaxation are also introduced in the group's meditations, and participants learn how to use theses techniques for themselves.

The evening is always filled with laughter and is a fun experiance for all.

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