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Get ready for some real "Coed" Military Styled Fitness Training with me (Tony "A") Your Chief Training Instructor. I'm a former U.S. Marine Corps Sargeant with over 22 years in the military, including experience as a U.S. Marine Corps Physical Fitness Instructor and Drill Instructor (yes just like you've seen in the movies and on T.V.). I've also worked as a Personal Trainer and taught Boot Camp classes at a variety of Fitness Centers all over North America, to include the Elite Equinox Gym of New York and Chicago.Most recently, I just finished an 8 month stint in Hawaii training U.S. Forces and dependents. I bring a very unique and dynamic style of training to all of my classes. Every class will be challenging and NO TWO CLASSES WILL BE THE SAME. So if you're serious about getting back into shape, making new friends,potentially meeting a new work out partner and having a whole lot of fun while you're at it, then this is the meetup group for you. If you need to lose weight for the "Big Wedding" in the spring, this is the meetup group for you. If you just need to shed that layer of winter fat that you've accumulated, then this meetup group is for you. If you're just looking to get back in shape and would like to try and reverse the clock by 10 years, then this is the meetup group for you. THIS MEETUP GROUP IS FOR ALL LEVELS OF FITNESS AND YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE IN PEAK PHYSICAL CONDITIONING TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS MEETUP GROUP! It doesn't matter what current level of physical condition you're in. The classes and training will be fun and challenging within your own personal level of fitness. This meetup group, the classes and any other fitness or social activities that we participate in WILL ALL BE CO-ED. The classes and activities are all design to encourage interaction and camaraderie between our members. We'll also be organizing a variety of other fitness oriented activities such as CO-ED softball, baseball, football, soccer, rowing, camping, group runs and a variety of other activities. All of which will be found to be more enjoyable from your newly (BootCamp induced) increased level of fitness. It will be completely FREE to join this meetup, but there will be a small (recession friendly) very affordable fee to take the classes. The more classes that you take, the less it will cost. All other activities that we participate in will either be free or priced out as dictated by the respective merchant or facility... So if you're ready to make a change in your lifestyle, then "On Your Feet Soldier, Stand "Too" And Report to Roll Call"!

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