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Learn How To Build Sustainable Sales Growth And Raise Turnover 30% In 4 Months

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“Learn how to build sustainable growth and raise your turnover by at least 30% in just 4 months!”

Many SME businesses in the UK struggle with working out the best way to present their services and products in a way that maximises both the value of their time and the effectiveness of their pitch.

The idea of pitching is, for some individuals, a terrifying prospect. You need to not just become better at pitching to your clients but you also need to inspire in them the confidence to want to do business with you.

MJB Graham Consultancy specialises in helping companies to do just that! In this workshop we are going to cover the key stages of a good pitch. With tried and tested techniques to help you convert more prospects into business and make a much higher level of impact on delivery.

You will clearly see how you can become better at pitching and you will leave the workshop feeling confident with the ability to generate more money!


18:00 Business Network

18:45 Workshop:

In this Workshop you will learn:

• How to add value to prospective clients in order to create a two-way relationship that your customer can really thrive on

• How to effectively generate buy-in at every stage of your pitch to help increase your sales conversion rate

• How to present YOUR story! The right story about you and your business that will capture and retain your prospects attention.

• How to close with the right attitude and the right wording to increase your chances of closing the deals and increase your company revenue.

19:45 Q&A Session

20:00 Business Networking

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