Past Meetup

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG(A Game of Thrones Part 4)


Last time in "A Song of Ice and Fire",the party wondered at the death of Jon Arryn,while the Nameless Archer,the Wildling and Thorgoth remained absent.Deciding to leave the city the next day and head to Saltcliffe,both near the home of Liem and the location of a key to the ancestral valyrian steel sword of Richard Canmore, Blackfang,somewhere near the sea.A new arrival came from the Free Cities,Theden,an odd and young sellsword with a mysterious past,who caught Tamsin Sands attention with his beautiful Sand Steed.Needing work,the young man signed on with them and headed off.On the Kingsroad,the group encountered several nervous passersby who warned of bold,but nearly suicidal brigands on the road who attacked heavily armed and rich men,despite being armed with weak steel.Theden rode ahead when Tamsins eagle spotted something in the trees,riding by two of them, who leapt out,but were too late to catch him.Tamsin quickly pulled his bow and fired,spitting ones leg and crippling him,while Richard rode headlong at the second,trampling him into the dirt,killing him.The second bandit,Wot,yielded and,put to questioning by Liem(who was threatening to say the least)gave up the information he had on the black skulls,the band on the road who were attacking people.They were all smallfolk,made poor and starving,driven to thievery with the help of their leader.At some gentle urging by Theden,he was able to give up the information on the leader,a man by the name of Baelor(or Balerion),who Tamsin recognized as a man who had fought in several tourneys,from an old family,but had disgraced himself somehow.He was gathering forces,taking gold to hire sellswords and trying to find better weapons for his men,having about 20(18 now that the two scouts were done) meeting at the Isle of Faces that evening.He was planning an attack on Rosby hall.The group travelled to Rosby,a poor town,but dominated by Rosby Hall,a castle of one of the richest men in the Crownlands,Lord Gyles Rosby.The group was met by Gyles steward,who explained Rosby was still at the capital,Kings Landing.The group were able to persuade the old,but not so useless captain of the guard to take 20 men to the Isle,with the hopes to capture or kill Baelor,using Wot as their cover.They arrived that evening,disguised as sellswords and found the peasants waiting.The guard questioned Wot and sent the group across,a few to a boat.The group(bar Richard)were disturbed by the faces that met them on the island,some old,some familiar.They found Baelor,a young and powerful man,handsome and friendly, armed with fine plate and a Valyrian steel sword praying to the Heart Trees.He explained his plan to invade Rosby and stage an attack on Stony Sept after taking the gold,as Stony Sept had no walls to protect it.While Theden found this maneuver ridiculous,a misplaced word put Baelor on the alert and he questioned each of the men in turn.Finding their answers satisfactory,Baelor was shocked as the new recruits attacked,starting to kill his assembled forces.Baelors' excellent plate armour held fast against the first strike from Theden,but Liems braavos blade cut him above the eyes,starting to bleed him.His reply was a cut with the Valyrian sword that rendered Liems armour useless before Richard attacked,trying to disarm him of the Valyrian steel sword for himself.Baelor tried to call for a retreat,but his men were dead.Giving chase,the group lost him in the mists of the island,apparently protected by the Heart Trees.The travellers were given a chilly reception at Rosby,despite their help stopping the heist.No reward was given for their actions,along with a place to stay for the night.The group spotted a procession of knights and freemen travelling with the king towards Winterfell,while a note was left pinned to a dead Rosby soldier. "We're not finished. -B.

Next week,the story continues in "A Song of Ice and Fire:The Road to Saltcliffe."