Past Meetup

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG(A Game of Thrones Part 3)


Last time in "A Song of Ice and Fire",the grand tourney began,but with new arrivals to the city.Nameless,a child of former slave parents and ranger from the wilderness and Thorgoth,a massive(but intelligent)brute from the Iron Islands arrived to gain prestige and gold.Tamsin Sand stopped at the Great Sept of Baelor to pray to the Warrior to lend strength to his sword(which Liem Willow found to be ridiculous).The northman Richard Snow and the Wildling Tiberius extorted breakfast for themselves and their pets from the cheap innkeeper before heading to the tourney grounds.

Tamsin Sand scored a stunning victory against a hedge knight,three nobles and Ser Jaime Lannister of the Kingsguard,netting himself a hundred gold dragons(and twenty dragons for Richard,who had bet on him)and showing Liem that praying to the gods could have its benefits.

In the melee,Thorgoths nemesis Iaen Starholt had his face slashed,three knights,both hedge and noble,were beaten in combat(with the final one taken down by a clothesline maneuver using Thorgoths boar spear by Thorgoth and Richard)and Thorgoth and Richard faced each other in a joust,unhorsing each other.Despite this,Robert was greatly pleased by the melee and so rewarded both champions with a bag of 50 gold dragons.

In the archery contest,the Nameless Archer defeated three adversaries,including Tiberius from the far north.Robert announced a grand feast in honour of the victors.

In the streets,the victors met and discussed their prospects and winnings.Richard was visited by a boy with a letter who,on closer inspection by Liem,was found to be one of Varys's little birds.The letter was from his grandfather,Gyles Karstark,who gave a clue for Richard to find the first key for his heirloom,an ancestral Valyrian Steel weapon.Further guessing discovered that the key would be at Saltcliffe in the Iron Islands,a fine place to travel as another party member would be heading that way soon.

Liem was in a great rush to track down the silver drinking horn that Varys had mentioned but,at the insistence of Tamsin, agreed to wait until after the grand feast in the Red Keep the next evening.The travellers found better lodgings(now having more gold)and also enjoyed the new flow of gold at their fingertips,spending it on new finery.

At the feast,words were traded with the Master of Coin Petyr Baelish,who met his match as,under the weight of the words of Thorgoth,Richard and Tamsin, he was forced to have Robert give them words as Liem disappeared amongst the crowd to find out what he could.

Robert was more than pleased to grant the three audience and rewarded the three.For Tamsin,he ordered Jon Arryn to have commissioned a suit of full plate(since she only beat Jaime Lannister wearing brigandine).To Thorgoth,he promised something of favour for him to remember the event.And to Richard,he promised a true name,so that when he stood again,he was not Richard Snow,but Richard Canmore.

Next week,the story continues in "A Song of Ice and Fire:The Treacherous Path."