Past Meetup

Angels of the Abyss: Sorcerer & Space Opera Research


I want to set up mechanisms to adapt Sorcerer for telling stories of political space opera. Think of House of Cards meets Dune.

The game depends on the visceral clash of sorcerers and their demons all up in each other's face. Yet I have the feeling that we can tell stories of leaders who toss space fleets and insurgent factions around like so many playing cards. And who get up in each other's face with power swords and nanobot-parasite familiars.

And in true space-opera fashion, mysterious precursors have left powerful guardian intelligences on several planets. Prove yourself a champion of the angel's principles and garner their blessings.

Or burn and twist your underlings as you reach into the void to win mysterious powers from trans-dimensional, tachyonic, or mathematico-noetic intelligences. The 30th century equivalent of necromancy.

I am envisioning a massive Imperial agglomeration, a Forbidden City where the sorcerers keep up appearances as they work their intrigues quietly in the presence of the Throne but violently in the provinces.

No scrappy underdog do-gooders. The power is in your hands. The Empire is about to collapse. Will you be able to stay human while you get your hands dirty? Will we still be human when you are done with us?