Fall for Dance 2019

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This exciting contemporary dance festival (FFDN) returns for another year. Some of the best and brightest dance in the world for only $15 per ticket (plus small processing fee).

Range..is key to the Fall for Dance North philosophy.

2019 is the their 5th anniversary!


(Esure you sign up for their excellent/important dance newsletter..FOXTROT)..it is absolutely NOT spam..fyi)

You can get your tickets starting now (June 21). (Make sure you click on the correct venue...Meridian Hall(Sony Centre) not Ryerson for Oct 3rd)

Our group show here:


(All shows here: https://www.ticketmaster.ca/fall-for-dance-north-tickets/artist/2135017)

Important: There are a few steps when ordering your ticket..if this is your first time. Be patient..should take you 5 mins..follow the steps.

Grab your seat where you most like to sit, as there is NO group seating, although we will meet beforehand for drink and chat.

(don't just get one ticket...grab two and take someone with you..a great gift to share). I suspect tickets will go like wildfire, and be sold out in a few weeks...same as last year.

FFDN 2019 features three unique programs across six exciting performances at the Meridian Hall and – FFDN’s newest venue – Ryerson Theatre, in partnership with Ryerson School of performance, for only $15 for any seat. Immerse yourself in some of the most exhilarating dance that Canada and the world has to offer during one of the most popular and fastest growing cultural events in Toronto.

2019 festival highlights include plenty of local favourites, world premieres & Canadian debuts, live music, and a special focus on International Indigenous artists.

We will attend Program #1 on Thursday October 3rd at 730pm at Meridian Hall/Sony Centre: (with these 4 separate dance pieces)


-Toronto Dance Theatre
-The New Zealand Dance Company
-Skanes Dansteater
-Groupo Corpo

NOTE: there are two other programs on various days to choose from (Oct 2-6)

There will also be pre-show talks on 3 nights.

Want MORE Dance..find it here: