What we're about

You should join this group if you are autistic, might be autistic, love engaging with people who are autistic or feel that you would benefit in some way from immersing yourself in the knowledge sharing communication style of autistics.

Before joining, please consider that members will be expected to be kind and respectful at all times. This is especially important in our group that hosts a variety of people with a variety of opinions.

Although it may certainly happen sometimes, it is not the point of our group to get together to talk about autism. We are simply autistic people who want to spend time with other autistic people.

Some of the activities that we will do:

-Gather to discuss 1 narrow topic, idea or question. You can prepare for events by doing some amount of research beforehand.

-Board game gatherings

-Nature walks

-Book swaps

+ anything else that we want to make happen!

Past events (6)

Ramsden Park hang out

Ramsden Park

Online Game Night with Jackbox Games

Online event

Zoom at noon

Online event

Zoom at noon

Online event

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