What we're about

This is an Active Meetup group for those who love to bike. We will have events for:

- Road Bikers (80km+ rides) and Ride for Heart, Cancer Rides
- Mountain Bikers (Don Valley Trail, Albion Hills)
- Trail Bikers (Toronto trails - Humber Valley)

We love to Bike and we love to fund raise. We can assist you in your Fund Raising efforts (for those who have decided to Fund raise for Ride for Heart, Cure to Conquer Cancer rides and Cycle for Sight Rides). Below are some of the type of bike rides we will organize in this group.

It depends on the type of ride that will suit your ability and what you are comfortable with; Jacob + Andrew + Brian (Me) --> These are 3 organizers that are comfortable with shorter rides... (35 km , Mid Week Rides) and can cater to people who don't want to go long distances (85km - 100km) and are comfortable with local Toronto trails and bike paths. I know Andrew and Jacob would also like to do some Mountain biking at Albion Hills and Hardwood Hills in which they can arrange/organize and co-ordinate car-pooling and those rides as well.

We can also organize some Night Rides (we have lights, helmuts) going through Edwards Gardens, Humber Valley , East / West Don that will take us to explore the city of Toronto, ON Demetrius --> Demetrius seems to be comfortable with 65km - 80km road bikes on Saturday or Sunday mornings. He used to organize routes for TBN (Toronto Bicycle Network). He is an excellent organizer/leader and all are welcome to ride with him. He knows road routes outside of the city and seems comfortable to organize longer fitness rides that would more be suited towards road bikers. (I'm interested in getting into longer rides when I get my road bike) :) Jean Yves (J-Y) --> He is a new organizer for our group that suggested interest in organizing rides. Once again, he seems like an experienced rider and he will be like Demetrius but probably organizing some Mid Week or Weekend Rides (road bike rides) in and around the city.

This is a group for Beginner Bikers as well! I am just learning how to Road Bike and we can arrange carpool rides up to Road Bike destinations. For those who are bike enthusiasts that want to bike, we can always train and teach you!

The summer has just started! (Correction, Summer is half way done!) Let's start to bike. The season is long lasting from May - November!

Warm regards,

Brian Pho

Upcoming events (1)

Sunday Morning Social Ride - Halton Hills to Fairy Lake - 70km @ 10:15am

Note: The weather for Sunday is questionable. Check the status of the event at 8:30am before leaving home.

This week's Sunday Morning Social Ride (SMSR) will head to Fairy Lake in Acton. The route will explore the Halton Hills area along the quiet country roads of the Niagara Escarpment. We will stay in relative proximity to the start location in case it rains.

Here is the ride video (courtesy of Imran Aziz):

Please DO NOT RSVP if you are unsure of your attendance. To maintain a good track record, please respect your RSVP; arrive 30 minutes early; do not cancel on the day of the event, and stay with the group during the entire ride.

Aim to arrive by no later than 9:45am (earlier if you are new) for a prompt 10:15am departure (or earlier if everyone present is ready). This means that if you hope to arrive at 10:20am you will be 35 minutes late; we'll be long gone!

Everything You Need To Know:

COVID-19: Social distancing is applicable. A mask is required indoors (eg. to use a washroom).

Distance: 70km.

Pace: 22-30km on the flats; overall average of 20-22km.

Duration: 4.5 hours (approx).

Terrain: All paved.

Free Parking: Sufficient.

Ride Rules: Must be a team player! Participants must make every effort to depart, ride, and return together as a group. So, no riding far ahead beyond 0.5km. Regrouping is mandatory at the top of big hills, major intersections, all turns and traffic lights (especially after the break!). Stronger riders must reduce their pace to accommodate slower riders within reason since excessive stop-and-go inhibits momentum leading to premature fatigue for everyone.

Map: The map shown is an approximation. The exact route is determined during the ride.

Rest Stop: After 34km for 15-20 minutes at the park of Fairy Lake.

Toilets: Don't count on any other than the bushes along the route. Last checked earlier this week, the public washroom at Fairy Lake was still available. The wooded areas of the route are always an option.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Not a beginner's or endurance ride but most riders are at peak fitness by this time of year.

Recommended Bike: Road or hybrid in good condition. This is not the place to demonstrate the viability of old clunker bikes! Most riders use lightweight road bikes. Mountain bikes are not recommended because they are heavy and slow up hills. Bike weight affects rider performance and fatigue.

Helmet: Mandatory! No helmet, no assistance. It's your head; if you don't care, no one cares. You're on your own!

Relative Workout Ranking: 1.5 out of 5 compared to other SMSR rides offered from the Halton, Caledon, or Newcastle areas.

Waiver: "I agree:" https://goo.gl/Rg1Arh

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