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Do you find that sometimes you are the only black person in a travel group?

Are you tired of paying those high single supplement rates because you cannot find a partner to travel with.

Well, we would like to put an end to that and have you join us on some of our very unique experiences, as we discover easily accessible day trips from Toronto, our one of a kind Toronto city walks (from a black perspective), our customized black historical holidays abroad and our unique culinary experiences right here in the city. You are guaranteed to meet and make some really great new friends with some of our most amazing professional black women.

Some of our upcoming tours will include London Englaind, New Orleans, Washington DC, Ghana, South Africa, Martinique, Jamaica, Cuba and Exotic Southern Caribbean Cruises!!

We currently offer the following types of vacation experiences for our members:

City Walks: Come out and explore new areas of Toronto on our city walks. They are about two hours long and end near a cafe or restaurant. On the walks you will discover the lovely parks and ravines in the city and explore new neighbourhoods and galleries all while learing about black history here. Meetup Fee $5.00

Day Trips: Our day trips will always be within 2.5hrs of Toronto to some very fun cities. These include boat cruises, wine tastings in vineyards and exploring some lovely small towns and farmers markets in Ontario. Meetup Fee $5.00

Weekend Breaks: Join us at one of our relaxing weekend or overnight city break!! We will try to schedule these events as close as possible to Toronto to make it easier for as many members to attend. We will host trips to the jazz and food festivals, art shows and carnivals. Our weekend breaks will take us to Montreal, Chicago, Washington just to name a few. However, our overnights will always be very close to the city. Meetup Fee $5.00

Spa Getaways: In our stress-filled, highly mechanic and busy lives, going to a SPA is not an extravagance, but an essential. The magic that it brings into your life is worth the time and money spent. Various types of spas have emerged these days that provide us with some great benefits. You can grab a great bargain on a Luxury Spa Day or a great Spa Weekend Getaway and really treat yourself. Here are 5 top reasons why you should visit a spa at least once per month: 1. Beautification 2. Detoxification 3. De-stressing 4. Healthy living 5. Psychological benefits. Let us pamper you with our picks of some of the best Spas in Ontario where you can Relax, Rejuvenate, Re-balance.........and breathe again! What's YOUR favourite spa treatment? Meetup Fee $5.00

Health & Wellness Journeys: Our Health & Wellness Journeys will help you set foot on the path to a healthier lifestyle while taking the necessary steps to calm your mind, relax your body and feed your soul. You should never come back from a vacation felling tired and exhausted. So check out our "Special Journeys" that will leave you coming home feeling Refreshed, Relaxed and Rejuvenated!!
Meetup Fee $5.00

International Trips: Our international tours are packed with fun, good eats, boutique hotels and most importantly, black culture & heritage. Our tours will be customized to show the richness and diversity of the culture and heritage of our black people. We will travel on all 4 continents as we continue to explore, uncover and understand how we truly influenced the world.

Culinary Flavours of the Month: We love to eat! Each month we will sample the culinary delights of Toronto by dining in some of the best restaurants. This is your chance to dine with friends, as well as open your palettes to the many diverse cultures within our city.
Meetup Fee $5.00

Who We Are: Jacqueline and Vanessa are nomads – between the two of us we have travelled to over 100 countries and visited almost every continent. We are both TICO-Certified Travel Connoisseurs and specialists in several destinations.

Payment for all Tours & Weekend Getaways will be made to a TICO-Certified Travel company ensuring that that your money is safe and protected by Ontario laws and our Meetup Fee of $5.00 covers our administrative costs.

This is not a women only group, so we encourage men to join us and attend our meetups as well. See you soon.

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