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Want to Know How to Buy and Sell a Business Without Investing Your Own Capital? Learn Highly Transferrable Skills in This 4 Hours Workshop!

Learn how to invest in a business without risking any capital from your pocket, then grow it and divest it for the largest exit of your life.

If you are interested in the world of M&A but do not know where to begin, how to find a business for sale, raising money and investing capital, this workshop is for you!

This may be for you if you are:

1. An employee that is looking to jump into entrepreneurship, but would prefer to buy a business as opposed to starting one from scratch?

2. Have a relative or friend who wants to sell you their business, but you do not have the capital to transact?

3. Already own business but organic growth is too slow and painful and you want a faster growth trajectory by buying out your competitor?

Testimonials from previous attendees (https://www.perryanderson.global/events)

The host of this event:

Perry M. Anderson is a Private Equity investor and Oxford MBA. He based between homes in London and Vancouver. Perry has been teaching small groups of people in the US, UK and Canada on how to buy and sell businesses for a living - without having to use any of your own capital in order to transact. Recently he has published his book "Red to Black - The Art of Corporate Turnaround".

Perry Anderson: "I have made over 30 investments in the past 18 years - all using my own capital. After 18 years of experience in deal-making, I have come to realize that the capital to do deals does not have to come from your own pocket".

More about Perry Anderson (https://www.perryanderson.global/about)

So, what would you learn?

How to source a business? Without using Brokers or Intermediaries to have a constant flow of deals that fit your specific parameters and interests.

How to structure a 'win-win' offer? Deals only work when both parties gain. Using creative deal structures, I will show you how to get to a win-win.

How to fund business for sale and close the deal? Using private capital (from my network) and creative financing without the need to use any of your own personal capital.

How to buy a profitable business for $1? I recently acquired a profitable chain of retail stores for $1. The business was turning over $1.7M in consistent revenue. Mindset and structuring was key to this transaction I will show you exactly how this was done step-by-step.

How to conduct due diligence and closing? Legals and accounting are an integral part of any transaction. I will show you how to get this done efficiently and how to have the company pay for these expenses...not you!

How to fix the company? Whether a company is distressed or profitable, there will be areas of the business that need fixing. I have some really clever and proven tactics that you can implement immediately that will have a significant impact on the cash flow of the business. More urgently, when you cannot make payroll next week, what do you do?

How and when to use a Merger? This is the fastest way to build and grow a company. Think going from zero to 10 million in 10 months...not in 10 years!

How to sell a company? Strategies on how and when to sell the business for 6 or 7 figure sums.

Additional real-world 'street-fighting' tactics that are NOT taught in any business schools. This is a highly transferrable skill set and after this workshop, you will know how to do this yourself.

You will also leave the workshop with Contracts, Templates and Documents from actual deals done. You can then use these to replicate on your own deals.

Have more questions?

Get in touch with Perry Anderson (https://www.perryanderson.global/contact)

PS: There is no sales pitch at this workshop and nothing is being sold to you - just pure knowledge exchange!

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FREE TRIAL - How to Acquire a Good Business Without Risking Your Own Capital.

Date: Wednesday, September 23rd at 12:00pm EST. TO REGISTER for this FREE 1-Hour event on Zoom, please send email to: [masked] with the words ‘FREE TRIAL’ in the subject line and you will be sent the login details and password to join the Zoom call. Statistically, most start-up businesses fail - and organic growth is incredibly slow and painful! Fortunately, there is a better way… Welcome to the world of Mergers and Acquisitions! At this 1-hour MeetUp, Perry M. Anderson will draw upon his 18 years of experience in Private Equity and Capital Markets to introduce you to the world of M&A and to offer you a complete, step-by-step system (4-Week M&A Masterclass) for acquiring a business without having to risk any of your own personal capital. This MeetUp is ideal for individuals typically falling into the one of the following categories: 1. You thought about starting a business, but are concerned about risk: Over 90% of start-ups fail. Acquiring a company with a long history and operating track record is a much safer and risk mitigated approach. 2. You are currently trading time for money as an independent freelancer: You probably already have some clients who may be looking to sell their company - who may be perfect acquisition targets. 3. You already own a business and feel trapped inside of it: Great, you clearly have the skills required. However, you are tired of organic growth - which is far too slow. Learn a new way to grow and double your revenue by acquiring or merging with a competitor. Much quicker and likely more fun! 4. You are an employee looking to escape the 9-5: Feeling bored at work? Under-utilized? It is time for you to be the boss. You could likely run the company much better that your boss. Maybe it is time to buy them out, but do not know where to get the capital to do that? In this FREE Meetup, you’ll discover (first 30 minutes): How I bought a profitable $1.7M revenue business for $1? Why this is the best time in history to be acquiring a business - as opposed to a start-up? Why most start-ups fail? And how to avoid it? Why you should not be using a conventional bank to finance an acquisition? Understanding where all the private capital is to fund your deal? How to outsmart the start-up game and take advantage of this current down-trending market? Perry will also discuss his upcoming 4-Week M&A Masterclass and outline the following topics (next 15 minutes): How I bought a profitable $1.7M revenue business for $1? How to source deals and have a steady stream of deal flow? Negotiation tactics, due diligence and legals. Using Mergers (The Other Form of Acquisition). How to fix and stressed or distressed business quickly? Raising 100% of the capital required to finance a transaction. How quickly find a buyer from a limited buyer pool. Additional business ‘hacks’ and tricks learned over the past 2 decades. Open Q&A Session (final 15 minutes). Who's Perry? This discussion is being led by Private Equity investor and thought leader, Perry M. Anderson. Mr. Anderson is a published author and lectures globally on the topic of small-medium enterprise Mergers & Acquisitions. He also advises entrepreneurs and SME business owners who are looking to rapidly expand via M&A and to access the UK and North American capital markets in order to transact. Perry’s mission is to help entrepreneurs ‘hack’ and de-risk the conventional start-up through 'Acquisition Entrepreneurship.’ This methodology enables entrepreneurs to first buy a business….and then to build from it - and not the other way around. This becomes a much quicker and risk mitigated approach to creating shareholder value. Join the FREE event: Date: Wednesday, September 23rd at 12:00pm EST. TO REGISTER for the FREE 1-Hour event on Zoom, please send email to: [masked] with the words ‘FREE TRIAL’ in the subject line and you will be sent the login details and password to join the Zoom call.

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