Toronto Code Retreat

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10 people went

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Welcome to Code Retreat Toronto!

Tonight we'll be building a calculator that takes a string as input and returns a number. So you'll feed it an input like "4 + 7 * 9 - 2 / 5" and get an output like 19.4 or 66 or something.

This is a fairly classic problem, so if you've done it before you can increase the challenge level by using a new language, a new technique, building a better parser, or trying for the extra super challenge bonus.

This is a chance to learn new techniques, languages, and practices from each other by pairing to solve a pre-determined problem.

There are typically three sessions of 45 minutes. Each session involves pairing with a new partner to work from scratch on that night's problem. New programmatic constraints may be introduced with each session for those interested in challenging themselves.

Make sure to bring a laptop and have your development environment ready for the type of coding you'd like to be doing.

You can check in your code at ( so we have a record of all the nifty half-baked programs made at Code Retreat. You're allowed to keep working on it after the event.

Be nice, have fun, learn things. Happy coding!