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What we're about

Theory: Cybernetics is a trans-disciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems — their structures, constraints, and possibilities — requiring flexibility.

Goal: Tight feedback loops on embodied cybernetic praxis for optimal sensing in the unknownable

Value: Alternative logic processes, diversity, uncensored speech, abstraction, paradoxes, & the weird

Approach: A community mechanism to collectively explore and exploit the interplay of mapping the branching areas of cybernetics to culturally relevant topics. Experiment on in-between ideas.

Differentiation: Non-academic, poetic, & experimental bi-directional computation / conversation.

Who: Bringing together culture & people via engineers, memeticians, artists, mathematicians, biohackers / transhumanists, physicists, informaticists, biologists, sociologists, etc.

How: Meetups are state-transitional experiences. Whether through art, code, readings, demos, nature, music, philosophy, ethics, etc.

Status: We are currently in search of a venue & accepting requests for talks.

Subset of topics 'might' include:

• open source projects / unique code discoveries

• memetic mediation exercises

• readings

• alternative interfaces (bci, vr, ar, etc.)

• intelligence

• music cognition / electronic synthesizers

• nootropics

• virtual / gaming economies

• acceleration theory

• mini-hackathons / rapid co-working

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