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Finding Our Dream Job: Sharing, Learning, Discussing Creative Ideas Together!

This group is for those who are interested in levelling up their career and contributing more to society. You know deep down inside a job is more than just a paycheck it is the opportunity to bring your unique passion, purpose, skillset and experience to your neighbourhood, to your community. You have good job now and you want to have a great one in the future.

This group is for those in a transition zone: Canadians returning back to Canada after working abroad (that is me!), newcomers from abroad, those in good jobs and ready to make a leap to a GREAT one, those interested in moving from corporate cubicles to active get into community nonprofits, and those ready to make a move from Bay Street to Your Street as an entrepreneur.

Here is a quote overheard at one of the meetups I liked: "If you have updated your resume in the last 6 months, you are still learning and growing!"

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