Dreams of Ancient Egypt

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Price: CA$5.00

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The ancient Egyptians understood dreaming as an awakening into another realm of existence, where people could commune with the deceased and with the Gods. The ancient Egyptian priesthood considered dream work essential and referenced dreams for insights into the diagnosis of ailments, both mental and physical.

Anat Goulart will take us through what she has learned about ancient Egyptian dreaming from literature and archeological evidence, as she shares ancient insights into dreams symbols and metaphor that still hold relevance for us in modern times. Bring a dream to share and view through the lens of this modern/ancient practice.

"Anat has studied Ancient Egyptian literature for over 25 years is a ritual reconstructionist and devotee to the Ancient Egyptian Gods. She has always been interested in dreams as messages from our inner selves and finds affirmation of their importance in the many Ancient Egyptian writings. She has held lectures and workshops about AE literature, faith and magical practices.