Azure DevOps


You don't want to miss this! Microsoft just put out a bombshell announcement and released Azure DevOps Services and a whole load of open-source benefits. We'll dig into it.

If you have looked at the preview features, you've noticed there are a LOT of changes being made to Azure DevOps Services. The services covers the most complete offering in the public cloud, including:

Azure Pipelines
Azure Boards
Azure Artifacts
Azure Repos
Azure Test Plans

It is an amazing news in the evolution of Visual Studio Team Services. One of the best things is that this service works great for any type of application regardless of the framework, platform or cloud. Supposing you want to build and test a Node service from a repo in GitHub and deploy it to a container in AWS, you can do that. Azure DevOps supports both public and private cloud configurations. You can run them in Microsoft Azure or in your own data Centre. There is no need to purchase separate licenses.
In this event, you will get to know all the perks about Azure DevOps and have a clear understanding of what it is, even if you are new at it. So come and join us on this journey of continuous integration and continuous development.
As always food arrives at 5:30 pm presentation begins at 6pm. The elevators are locked after 6pm so please call (905)[masked], if you can't get up stairs.