What we're about

Aerial Robotics, Drones, UAV, Flying Car, Autopilot, High-level Autonomy, Machine Intelligence, and Cyber-Physical Systems

Who we are:

Starting from a small group of alumni in Udacity Flying Car & Autonomous Flight Course ( https://www.udacity.com/flying-car ). We are now pioneers from different disciplines connected by a common desire to an unfamiliar dimension

What we do here:

Hosting presentations and discussion on latest research, proposing and peer-reviewing ideas, building our dream solutions, conducting test flight on real drones, and help new Flying Car Course students get on track.

If you are a student, remember to register on Slack channel of the course:

https://udacity-flying-car.slack.com (https://udacity-flying-car.slack.com/)

Past events (5)

BYOD-3 by Darien Martinez Torres: Nick Roy's research!

Regus, Board Room

Professor Schoellig's Flying Demo @ UTIAS!

Dynamic System Lab, Institute for Aerospace Studies, University of Toronto (North York)

BYOD-2: Aerial Robotics project discussion

Tango Palace Coffee Company

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