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This group is part book club, part discussion group. We will be mostly reading short articles or book passages to stimulate in depth conversations. Articles, diologues or passages we read will mostly not be more than 20 pages as they are going to be stimulants to create a meaningful and excelling discussions. Our topics are inclusive but not limited to philosophy, meaning searching, scintific thinking, analytical thinking, logic, myths, history, esoteric thinking, self empowerment, purposeful living and virtues. The meetings are open to the public and both Masons and Non-Masons alike are welcome. Book or topic suggestions can be made by members through the meetup site. The group facilitator will however, approve the selection to ensure that the choice is appropriate. We will be reading publicly available books and articles directly or indirectly related to to Freemasonry. If you would like to check out the group and have not read the article you are more than welcome. Organizer will read a summary version of the article/passage/book before the discussions start.

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